DPS Kamrup Profile

Delhi Public School Kamrup, affiliated with the Delhi Public School society is a co-educational, CBSE affiliated school located at Baihata Chariali, Kamrup, Assam. We aim to provide a learning environment, which fosters the young minds of tomorrow by providing a secular center of excellence for applied and holistic learning. At Delhi Public School Kamrup, We think books are just half of the work. Children deserve an environment that facilitates their leadership skills and helps them to become productive and valuable citizens of the community.

Learning Principles

At Delhi Public School Kamrup, We focus on an education that is designed to bring out the inner leader inside every child. Our mission is to empower the child to learn independently and learn to use different resources to facilitate and improve their learning. We focus on providing children project and real life application based learning that will not only improve their academic competency but also create a foundation for this learning to be implemented practically throughout their lives. Our focus here is relevancy. Due to the extensive curriculum of the CBSE, most subject matter is not retained as students do not think of it as being relevant to their lives in the future. However, we at DPS Kamrup believe that it is all about how the subject matter is taught. Children have to be made aware of the fact that everything that they study in the classroom will be valuable as they grow up and is extremely valuable for them when they apply these principles in their daily lives.

Message from Chairman

Let me reassure you at the very onset that the future of your child will be in the hands of a team that has inculcated the philosophy of the DPS society, which has over sixty years of innovation in education to back it.
Needless to say, our children are in the future. They are sent to school to be civilized. What they learn in the school will come up over again as long as they live. It is therefore our duty as parents and teachers together to make sure that our future leaders go through life equipped with all the skill that is mandatory to face the world that they will be a responsible part of, not as mere spectators, but as decision-makers; nay, leaders. Therefore, we need to make our students independent thinkers.
I wish DPS Kamrup the very best in their venture.

Shri V.K. Shunglu Chairman, DPS Society

Message from Pro-Vice Chairman

Dear Parents,

Delhi Public School Kamrup comes with a very illustrious lineage. It is the latest addition to the DPS Chain which not only has a pan India presence, it has also established citadels of learning on several foreign shores. What started as a small school in 1948 has now grown into a chain that has over 200 schools in India and abroad.

Delhi Public School Kamrup has been promoted by Aarda Education which is governed by a group of technocrats, educationists and edupreneurs.

To ensure that the excellence and success of all its predecessors is replicated at DPS Kamrup, Aarda Education will employ the best faculty possible. This will be balanced with cutting-edge infrastructure which will include state-of-the-art facilities for an ambient learning environment. Technological innovations and assimilation into class room delivery will be the rule, rather than the exception. Nurturing individual talent and addressing individual needs will be an ethos rather than a forced compulsion for teachers. The environment of the campus will be such that each student feels emancipated rather than constricted into the confines of a classroom.

I am sure you too would like your children to become a part of this temple of excellence and I look forward to welcoming them to DPS Kamrup.

Mr. Manoj Anand Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Kamrup